About Rava

The world is revolving on the internet , and one thing for sure is that the internet is making life easier for a lot of people. It took me time to come up with the best strategy to market my online magazine . I didn’t want to print it but i wanted my products and services to be know via African Queen Magazine.

As i was doing my research i fell upon a website which only sells books and they have a an application which helps them sell the books , and yeah here pops a message in my head . I can’t sell only one magazine on my own platform . Why not come up with a platform where African Writers can share and sell their books online . Without any hesitation i quickly created a facebook page and i called it Rava Book Store . Rava is a shona word which means Read.

I took a lot of days to come up with a strong reason why i needed to build this platform . Fear creeped inside me and i started telling myself that maybe people will not take it up and also i began to think Zimbabweans and other Africans do not have a habit of reading . I parked this idea for months . I love reading and i love exploring new things and ideas . So today i woke up and said if i love reading and there are a lot of writers out there then this is a good platform after all.

This is a platform created for writers and readers to share books which bring inspiration to life. I wrote a number of e-books and i have a Magazine which i usually shared with my friends and family on whatsapp . This is not benefitting someone who doesn’t know me. I know a lot of people in zimbabwe are writing ebooks and failing to get them out there because of limited platforms . I would like to say this platform will make all books go viral. If you are a writer and you sell even printed books , this is the platform to sell your books online. Book shops should now stop relying on walk in customers . Come on board and sell books . Those printed books need to reach the global market. Soon i will be having a team to market this platform and we are going to yield positive results.